Best Oil for Hair Growth

There are a host of options available in the market when it comes to hair oils. The sheer variety can sometimes mislead you into making inadequate choices. In order to choose the right product, you need to have your requirements sorted. For example, if you need to buy the best oil for hair growth, you would first require to have a fair idea of the active ingredients that stimulate growth and re-growth of hair follicles. Based upon this information, you can proceed to select the most effective formulations for growth promoting hair oils.

Best Oil for Hair Growth

  • Olive oil itself is known to be the best oil for hair growth. It revitalises the scalp, nourishes the hair roots and promotes the growth of hair strands.Wonderful long and healthy hair
  • Excellent oil for promoting hair growth is rosemary oil. You simply need to heat some olive oil along with rosemary herbs in it, preferably, in a microwave. Allow it to stand for a while and strain. Store this in a bottle and continue to apply whenever your hair needs oiling. Rosemary oil enhances the circulation within the scalp and it is also known for its cancer inhibiting properties.
  • Pure grape seed oil is considered excellent for revitalising growth of hair follicles. A regular light massage with grape seed oil is known to produce excellent results.
  • Castor oil is also considered excellent for thick black lustrous hair. Castor oil works by improving blood circulation within the scalp, thus, supplying it with more nutrients. More nutrient supply results in better growth of hair strands.
  • Another essential oil for promoting hair growth is burdock oil. Burdock oil helps in stimulating blood circulation in the follicular roots thereby, helping in cell growth. A good burdock oil massage can therefore, help in stimulating the growth of hair, considerably.
  • Jojoba oil is also considered an effective oil in moisturising the hair strands and protecting them from external damage. In the process, they also nourish the hair strands and promote healthy growth of hair.
  • Massaging your scalp once a week with warm coconut oil will truly help in managing hair loss and stimulate growth. A coconut oil massage also helps in maintaining the shine and lustre of the hair strands.

Prefer a formulation for the best oil for hair growth that suits your hair type the most. You can also choose to consult your trichologist for effective guidance on the same. Mira Hair Oils can be exactly what you are looking for at the right price.

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